About Dr. G

Photography by: Esther Godoy 2018

Photography by: Esther Godoy 2018

Journey towards Healer:

This has been a spiritual journey for me rather than an accumulation of institutional merit. I have witnessed and been the target of significant trauma, I have experienced significant health struggles, and I have lost people close to me. I have grown in appreciation over time that each obstacle I face is to offer the gift of going through it so that I can not only transform it to love and growth for myself, but guide others through it as well. I also see this body, in all its Blackness, androgeny, and power as an opportunity to have an embodied experience of facing fear and moving through it. This is all a gift and being a Healer for me means sharing this gift with others so they may manifest fully in their power. Asé.

What I offer the World:

As a non-binary, queer, able-bodied, first-generation Trinidadian/Haitian trained as clinical psychologist, I offer many perspectives and lived experience. Currently licensed in Oregon & Washington, I have over 15 years teaching and providing clinical services in the mental health field. I am also a Buddhist Minister, teacher, and Meditation Instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage. I view the sacred, the arts, and community as the ground of healing. I am simple, often metaphorical, and humorous to help de-stigmatize obstacles of mind, body, or spirit. I am invested in the process of eradicating the internalized patterning of our ancestors for surviving and move towards thriving - reconnecting and honoring of our gifts. And as I ask others to commit to the work, I also do my own, being a practitioner of many contemplative forms including writing, meditation, yoga, jo, and kyudo (Jap. "The Way of the Bow") in the HEKI RYU BISHU CHIKURIN-HA style.

How I focus my Healing now:

Healing currently focuses on the liberation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) minds and bodies through healing and transforming personal and intergenerational trauma, guiding rites of passage, and deeply experiencing the narratives of our experiences of birth, old age, sickness, and death/transition with humor, non-aggression, and deep compassion. I work with others to transform obstacles into opportunity, adversity into the grounds of strength. Artists, healers, academics, activists/change makers, and deep seekers seem to find me and they appreciate the process of the path of growth and transformation.