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Weekend Warrior Training: Warrior in the World

Prerequisite: Level 2 Retreat

Since we have discovered our own goodness and begun to relax with the nature of fear, we can afford to be more daring. With gentle fearlessness, we learn to step beyond our conditioning and open to the freshness of each new moment. The third weekend of Shambhala Training is all about becoming intimate with human bravery. 

At this point on the path, the warrior leaves the stuffiness of the cocoon and explores the world with direct perception. This can be the beginning of a life-long love affair with the phenomenal world, one not based on the reference points of gain and loss, but seeing things as they are. Along this journey we develop genuine confidence, humor, and personal dignity.

Shambhala Training Weekend III provides an expanded meditation practice for relating more with space and our environment, further awakening the mind and heart. This technique helps us to bring mindfulness and awareness into all aspects of our daily life.

When we become awake to our sense perceptions, we can venture into the world with confidence and vulnerability that is fearless, gentle, and alive.